“I’m the captain now.”

No cookie on the weekend because we were in Winnipeg visiting the rellies. However, I did conquer another Oscar nominee – Captain Phillips.

Really enjoyed it. I knew a bit about the original event – remembered it from the news – and really liked the whole movie. Tom Hanks’ performance at the end really sealed it for me. That’s exactly how a traumatized person would be – kudos Tom. I am really surprised he didn’t get an Oscar nomination for the role…I almost think he should have gotten it over Christian Bale in American Hustle.

The actors playing the pirates were also great – and of course, Barkhad Abdi is the standout. I wonder what the future holds for him.

I will be doing a cookie for Captain Phillips, probably tomorrow, maybe Friday. A nice New England cookie.

Wednesday Pinches and Dashes

I think he’s got a lock on this – Celebitchy

Paging some more parents who aren’t shameless fame wh*res – Dlisted

This is still a thing? – Lainey Gossip

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